Celebrate at Zoar Village For An Unforgettable Wedding Day

Bride and groom sitting on the front porch of their Zoar Village Wedding

Congratulations, you’re engaged! Now for the fun part, planning the wedding and honing in on all the little details to make your day perfect. The first step is finding a venue. If you’re in Ohio or want to travel to it, the Zoar Village offers a fantastic venue suitable for many couples! Let me tell you about it!

About Zoar Village

Located at 198 Main Street, Zoar, Ohio, the historic Zoar Village offers a picturesque setting for one of the best days in your lives! Many couples choose the Zoar Garden as a peaceful, intimate location to exchange their vows. With the breathtaking flowers and the architecture of the Garden House as the backdrop, guests will never forget Zoar weddings for years to come. 

Established in 1817, Zoar Village has many excellent features, including: 

  • several houses and cabins, 
  • a bakery, 
  • a museum, 
  • blacksmith shop, 
  • cider mill, 
  • garden, 
  • garden house, 
  • cobbler shop, 
  • hotel, 
  • the schoolhouse, and 
  • so much more. 

Details of the Grounds

Zoar Village offers its garden and schoolhouse as wedding venues, with the ability to rent the schoolhouse for your reception. Covering an acre of ground, the garden has twelve paths leading to the center of the garden, also known as the tree of life, with a spring on one of the corners. You can access The Garden via the Garden House, located between Main and Park Streets, on the south side of Fourth Street. The School House is situated on the hill above Fourth Street and Foltz Street. The Meeting House, now a church, can also be used for weddings and events. Its beautiful pipe organ is available during the event! 

bride and groom at their ceremony at their Zoar Village Wedding

There are no designated rooms for the bride or groom. Still, there are hotels around Zoar Village that would be an excellent option for any housing needs you may have, as well as having rooms available for the bridal party and groomsmen to get ready for their big day. The Treasurer’s House on site is also now home to The Keeping Room Bed and Breakfast, which would also be perfect! 

A few other on-site places to stay would be The Cobbler Shop Bed and Breakfast, Historic School Master’s Home, The Farmhouse By Zoar, and Zoar Gastenhaus Zum Stern. The entire guest house of Zoar Gastenhaus Zum Stern could also be rented out and used as a “home base: for the bridal party or a reception spot for a small group. 

Photography Opportunities

Zoar Village is home to many incredible and unique photography opportunities. Just being located along the Tuscarawas River offers fantastic scenery unique to the area. Several historical buildings can be used as background to create a rustic background. The inside of a few buildings open to the public offers a unique, old-fashioned setting. There are also subsurface areas in tunnels with arched stone ceilings located under the garden and in the cellars, which could provide a breathtaking rustic or medieval theme. A few of their locations on site that would be great for photography would be: 

  • The Garden, 
  • The Garden House, 
  • The Meeting House, 
  • The Cider Mill, and 
  • Any of their historic buildings open to the public. 
groom leaning in to his bride at their Zoar Village Wedding

Their garden would be the ultimate location, with an acre of land available and full of opportunities. Any one of Zoar Garden’s twelve garden paths with natural lighting, with the sun beaming down around you, would make some beautiful images! The garden’s center, with its featured tree of life, would also be an excellent focal point. The garden also holds two greenhouses, which could offer some pretty cool backgrounds, and surround you with greenery for some epic wedding portraits or intimate detail shots. Who doesn’t want to be surrounded by beautiful flowers and natural beauty to create a timeless image perfect for hanging in your future home with your new spouse? 

bride and groom holding each other at their Zoar Village Wedding

The Zoar Garden House is also located in the Garden, the outside and inside, with a few excellent spots for those perfect shots. There are honestly so many ideal locations in Zoar Village. It would be best to explore the area to see what and where you like best, and imagine yourself there on your wedding day!

Wedding Details

Zoar Village can accommodate up to 200 guests in any wedding venue. Each wedding they host is custom, with a custom price and features. It’s best to contact them for an estimate and any more details.

bride preparing to through her bouquet at their Zoar Village Wedding

Zoar Village

Zoar Village has so much to offer and is a great, historical, and naturally beautiful location! It’s definitely worth pondering over during your wedding venue search! 

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