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As a mom of two, one thing that is always at the top of my priority list is having the right pediatrician for my children. There are many things to consider when picking out a physician. In effort to try and figure out where to start looking, I polled one of my local mom groups for their pediatrician recommendations in the Canton area. Below are the top 5 Canton Pediatricians recommended by other local moms!

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Top 5 Canton Pediatricians or Practices

01. Akron Children’s Hospital (ACH), North Canton location: Dr. Casper, Dr. Komer, Dr. Marcinkoski, and Dr. McDaniels

Whether you have newborn or a teen, most in the local area will agree, that Akron Children’s Hospital is known for their outstanding, care of children. Their pediatric branch in North Canton, Ohio extends that same care. A huge benefit of this pediatrics office is that they offer convenient evening and weekend hours at many office locations. Virtual telehealth/video visits are also available.

In the event you child needs to see a specialist at the main hospital location, there is a seamless, coordination of care for your child. Their convenient location in North Canton makes it even easier for families to receive ACH nationally recognized pediatric care.

They also offer a 24-hour nurse line should you need an answer about your child’s medical situation when the office is closed.

02. Canton Pediatrics: Dr. Ramachandran and Dr. Shaw

This Pediatric location states that they generally have same day appointments and accept most insurances, which is another important factor to to take into consideration! They do not offer any extended office hours but are conveniently located on Frank Ave. near the main hub of North Canton!

03. Children’s Physicians: Dr. Jess, Dr. Kungle, Dr. Motz, and Dr. Tom

Number three on our top 5 Canton pediatrics is Children’s Physicians located on Everhard Road. They also note they almost always can see your sick child the same day. They also are open on Saturdays, which is amazing!

04. Community Healthcare Pediatrics: Dr. Diane Belardo and Dr. Weber

The two doctors listed, Dr. Diane Belardo and Dr. Weber are a part of the Community healthcare Network which has a branch of pediatrics on Fulton rd. by Jackson high school! This might not be a convenient location for everyone, but for some who might be closer to summit county or in different areas of stark, this may be a close option! This location has a nurse line for anytime the office closed and also offers same day sick appointments!

05. Primary Care Physicians Associates (PCPA): Dr. Kendis and Dr. Moresea

Number five on list of of canton Pediatricians is Dr.Kendis and Dr. Moresea from PCPA. While this isn’t a designated pediatric facility, these doctors are trained and specialised in treating children and have studied pediatrics. A bonus is that your entire family can go to the same location, not just your kids! They also strive to offer same day sick appointments, and have a physician on call to answer any questions after hours through their answering service.

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Things to Consider

As you look through this list and begin to do your own research, here are few things to consider when making your decision.

  • Do they reserve spots for same-day sick appointments? (It seems that most do, but I would still confirm.)
  • Are they scheduling out months in advance for routine well visits?
  • Do they have a nurse or physician available for questions after hours?
  • Are the wait times reasonable? I think we can all agree that no mom wants to be stuck in a waiting room with newborn crying, or a sick toddler.
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Last but not least, when deciding on a new physician look at the Location! It is pretty high on my priority list, because when I wake up to a sick kid who needs to be seen asap, I want to know I can get to the doctors office quickly. Do you know how many times I’ve called my current pediatrician, and the sweet receptionist said, “well, how fast can you get here? We have an opening in 20 min!” In those moments, I am incredibly thankful I live an easy 10 minute drive away!

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I hope this list helps you in making your decision! I know there are many options out there, but after talking to numerous moms in the canton area, it seems that you can’t go wrong with any of the doctors on this list. They all offer dedicated, tailored care the children they see! If you have any experience with the doctors listed here, or have another amazing physician, I’d love to know about it! Contact Me and share your pediatrician experience!

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